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Any sized garden can be improved using EZBorder garden edges. Beautify your garden space, create a distinct edge between sod and garden beds, or use in a variety of landscaping applications to design a unique outdoor living space!

Eco-friendly. Plant safe.

Our range of eco-friendly garden border edging is made of recycled rubber from a sustainable source of upcycled car and truck tires diverted from landfill. Crumb rubber is collected from used tires and transformed into useful products for your garden.

EZBorder Garden Edges are made from crumb rubber, of used car tires diverted from landfill.
The rubber makes the edges flexible, all-weather durable including extreme hot or extreme cold weather, and lighter-weight that traditional concrete options.

Roman Stone

Our thickest edge, at 3″ wide, is heavy-duty and flexible. Ideal for straight-a-ways such as driveway edging, walkways and wide curves. Roman Stone has a real-life rock appearance.


Popular designs from our GardenCurve collection include the Scallop border and Scroll edge. At 2″ thick, these edges are very flexible, ideal for curvy gardens, and walkways.


At only 1″ thickness, UltraCurve is our most flexible edge collection. Able to conform to narrow angles, UltraCurve is available in a variety of designs in either 4″ or 6″ heights. Ideal for tree surrounds and tight curves.

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